Ajay Metal Products (AMP)

Ajay Metal Products is a trusted name in the field of Brass Products.

Our experience for continuous development of new products for various applications for Domestic and International market since 1987. We Develop and Manufacture high quality Brass, Copper, Aluminum products for various industries. The Unit is located in Jamnagar in state of Gujarat, India. We have sufficient infrastructure and venture to shape new ideas and visions. Best quality products and satisfaction of our customer is our Hallmark. We maintain it by time bound schedule with the sole aim to seek maximum support and ensure utmost satisfaction of our customers. We undertake innovations to enrich the huge field of Domestic market. We strongly believe to supply our quality products with International standard at competitive price with committed delivery schedule.

We are Experienced Manufacturer, Developer of Brass Electrical Accessories and Electrical Components, Neutral Terminal Bars Links Terminal Blocks, Earth Bars, Brass Battery terminals, Battery Connectors, Cable Gland Accessories, Electrical Accessories Components, Electrical Plugs Pin, Panel Board Fitting, Junction Box Boxes, Electrical Conduit Fitting, Brass Grounding Clamps and connectors, Copper Lugs, Aluminum Products, Electronic Connectors, Brass Split Bolt Connectors Inserts, Fastener Rivets, Connectors, Brass Fittings, Copper Fittings, Aluminum Fittings, Steel Fitting, Plumbing fittings, PPR fittings, Hose Fittings, Sanitary Fittings, Union, Elbow, Tee, Brake Connector, Nut, Flare Nut, Sleeve, Hex Nipple, Close Nipple, Branch Tee, Male Connector, Flare Male - Female Elbow, Long Pipe, Reducing Bush., Coupling, etc.

At AMP, we offer a comprehensive array of machining capabilities and ancillary processes to ensure that our jobs always confirm to Specifications required as per Customers Standards.

Our wide range of capabilities allows for economical, high quality production of metal components in any volume. Whether your order is large or small, AMP will provide the personalized attention to your business deserves.

AMP’s Team of Designers and Engineers are capable of creating any kind of SPMs to optimize the production and quality of its product. AMP’s set up also allows the company to develop such machines in-house by the use of high performance jigs & fixtures which gives us the competitive edge and a unique capability.

Process engineering is the key to manufacturing capabilities. We engineer the process for optimum cycle time resulting in an affordable price and high value. Team AMP is dedicated to continuous improvement in every aspect of our business from customer inquiry to after sales service.

Our Mission

To Develop/Manufacture variety of engineered components using world class technology and get 99.99% customer satisfaction in every area of business from product development to timely Delivery schedule.


Our Vision

We intend to provide our customers with the best services from product development to delivery in engineering component contract manufacturing, using world class technology with a smart system oriented work. We want to be an ethical organization in which our customers, suppliers and employees feel proud to be associated.

Core Values

We believe in pursuing new creative ideas and quickly adopting to new technologies and new processes. Our workforce quickly absorbs the changes.