Equipped with, Arsenals for “Survival of the Fittest” @ Quality Arena of Brass!

Stand by Generator, In-house Brass Extrusion Plant. CNC Machines of Reputed Brand, VMC MACHINE of Reputed Brand. Automatic Wire Drawing Machine, Automatic Wire Railing Machine Lathe Machine, Hand Drilling Machine, Automatic Hole/Cutting Machine Automatic Drilling /Threading, Automatic Slot, Plating Metal Tank, Dryer, Finishing Vibrating Machine.

Raw Material:

Brass BS-249, Brass IS-319 Free Cutting Brass, CZ -360 High Grade Brass! OR any special Brass Composition as per customers’ specifications. Copper as per Customers specifications. Aluminums as per Customers specifications. Steel as per Customers specifications


Type of Boxes/Outer packing : Packaging and labeling are done as per client's requirement. Packing is done as per customer's choice either in Corrugated Cartons or in Wooden Boxes. Proper protection from moisture, allowed weight of carton, Allowed Size of carton/boxes and other safety measures are followed.


UNEF Threads, NPTF Threads, NPT Threads, BSP Threads, BSPT Threads Metric Threads OR any special threads as per customer specifications.


Natural Brass, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Silver, Gold, Plated OR Any special finish/platting as per customer specifications. Any Kind of Brass Component/Part can be developed as per customer’s specifications.

Delivery / Shipment:

Domestic delivery by reputed and authorized Transporters.
Overseas by Sea/Air.