Our Quality !

Our Team Constantly keeps on Constant Churning for Qualitative Products with Quality and Accuracy Check by Testing Calibration Equipments such as: Impact Test Equipment,Vernier Calipers, Thread Plug Gauges, Ring Gauges (Go/No go), Spectrometer, Profile projector, Digital Height Gauge, Digital Depth Gauge, Torque Tester (0-20 Nm) Cooling Chamber and Oven.

Quality and durability are the hallmark of our products. We have adopted a stringent quality control system of International standards that is in-built in our production process. Our quality is the strong attraction for our buyers and our products command good consumer acceptance. Our team of Quality control experts ensures that quality is maintained at each stage of manufacturing process, from the procurement of the raw materials to the dispatch of the finished products.

All the products are also subjected to various tests in our technologically advanced laboratory monitored and enhance for durability.

Superior Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability for Tight Tolerance Application